Wildlife Artist Jeffrey Hoff

Wildlife Artist Jeffrey Hoff

With his earlier works primarily focusing on waterfowl, Jeff has taken on a new focus with songbirds. "Songbirds are always fun subjects to paint. They are such subtle little creatures with a big voice. Whether I`m trekking through the willows gathering reference of a moose or just sitting on my deck relaxing, they always seem to be around making their presence known".

Other subjects that Jeff enjoys painting include grizzly bear, moose, elk, bison, game birds, birds of prey and man's best friend – dogs. Jeff`s medium of choice is acrylic, blending a touch of airbrush.

Jeff is represented by Bev's Fine Art - www.bevsfineart.com

Jeff's love for wildlife and nature are the two driving forces that continue to inspire and push him to follow his passion to paint. Jeff resides in Jamestown, ND.

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